Travel Insurance for Aussies

Here’s some feedback on insurance from members of Aussie’s Guide to Hawaii Facebook Group.

Cover-More Direct

“super-easy online application”

Travel Insurance Direct (TID)

“never had an issue in over 15 years”

AAMI Travel Insurance


“very cheap”


“I’ve used them for years and always been really happy,” “cheaper, more coverage, & cheaper adventure pack coverage”


“really good, had to claim twice and never an issue,” We always use it and found them very good”

Australia Post

“used discount code TRAVEL10 for 10% off. Always pay excess upfront, had two claims & both an easy process.”

Insure and Go

“get a discount using Groupon20 (20% off)”

CommBank Travel Insurance

“Free as a bonus with credit card”

Southern Cross Travel Insurance

“never had a hiccup with them”


“you get a discount if you have house and contents insurance with them


"good if you’re a member & give a great discount, easy to deal with and reliable. Dependents under 25 get free coverage


good price & comprehensive cover


  • Make sure you carefully read it’s policy and know exactly what it covers. Cheapest isn’t always the best.
  • Consider a credit card with free travel insurance, sometimes they cover extended family too.