Welcome to Aloha Aussies!

If you’re an Aussie headed to Hawaii, this site is for you!

There are probably 3 problems you’re running into right now…

  1. In a noisy internet full of paid advertising, sponsored writers, clickbait titles, and questionable review sites, it’s difficult to plan your trip from across the pond because you don’t know what information you can trust. If you’re a first-time traveller, it’s extra overwhelming.

  2. When you do find a good source of information, it’s often fluffed with flowery language to give it length. Google rewards articles with long read times and content writers know this.

  3. Even if you enjoy a good, long read, it’s still only from one author’s perspective. Are you certain you can trust their TOP 10 list? Is it worth betting your group’s holiday on?

To solve these 3 problems, we’ve crafted 3 solutions.

  1. To give you non-sponsored, honest content, we’ve summarised popular posts from Aussie’s Guide to Hawaii Facebook group which has 17,000+ members, most from Sydney.

  2. To save you read time, we’ve removed flowery, non-essential fluff from our summaries. You’re getting organised, concise lists that are fast reads.

  3. To give you unbiased information from many diverse perspectives, our summaries have been crowdsourced from Aussies of different ages, interests, and socioeconomic statuses.

So congratulations, you’ve found a really good source of info!

Want to join in?

  • If you’re a traveller with questions, ask any question here and we’ll compile a well-thought answer for you.

  • If you’re a Hawaii know-it-all who wants to contribute, we can reward your efforts with lots of free stuff like tours, luaus, airport & shopping shuttles, food & drink, and even condo stays! If you’re interested in contributing, create an account and message us here.

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Aloha and welcome to Hawaii…

Your holiday’s just been upgraded! :tropical_drink: